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4.8 stars | 33 reviews
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4.8 stars | 33 reviews
The Learning Tree
Child Care in Gallatin, TN
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Elizabeth AndersonOct 20, 2023
"Two of our children have attended the Learning Tree and we have been very happy with the care. They have become like family to us. The teachers/staff have great communication in regards to anything that happens with your..."
Amy JentApr 11, 2023
"I couldn’t ask for a better daycare my son loves going he loves his teacher and others I know that he has learned a lot in so little of time he expresses it when he is pick up and at home they are so patient and very..."
Sierra S.Apr 11, 2023
"Very friendly staff!!! The facility is also extremely clean. Highly recommend."
Richard BrownApr 11, 2023
Makayla CopasApr 11, 2023
"The Learning Tree has put my mind to ease. My son is 1 yr old and the last daycare he was enrolled in wasn't the best by any means. There are cameras located all over the building and parents are able to see the live feed as..."
Tralonda TownsendApr 11, 2023

Child Care in Gallatin, TN

Looking for exceptional child care in Gallatin, TN? Look no further than The Learning Tree! We offer personalized attention in a small, intimate setting. Our natural playscape playground provides a unique and engaging environment for learning. We also offer non-traditional hours to accommodate your schedule. Safety is our top priority with security cameras and touchpad security. Comprehensive health safety standards are in place. Discover the difference at The Learning Tree. Schedule a facility tour today!

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4.8 stars | 33 reviews
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